Importance Of Women Education Essay

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Women Education

Education is a key part of strategies to improve individuals well being, societies economic, and social development; also it is a valuable benefits in our life around the world. As parents we need to work hard to get our kids in the right spot, our kids have a right to be educated, and there is no difference between boys or girl in this point at all. In some countries, education made for boys more than girls. Earlier girls did not have chance to go to school or get their education done because of very limited thinking of their parents. The parents’ beliefs drove their daughters to be victims of our society for many reasons; Poverty, sexual violence, and early marriage.
One reason is poverty; in some poor countries the parents
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The secondary schools are far away from some villages. The girls have to get to their schools by foot, and sometimes the girls have to make their journey at school, but the parents usually too afraid for their daughters security and safety because of sexual violence in their way to school, to let the girls spend all day far away from their houses it is a stupid thinking that the parents taught. The government should step right away to protect the girls in those villages. The government has to make every place secure to help the parents feel comfortable about sending their daughters to school with out any fears. The government has to encourage the parents to send their kids to schools, not to make stupid reasons to make them stay home with no education. For example, in India “Meena (not her real name) didn 't tell her parents when the older boys started harassing her on the hour-long walk to school from her home in Madanpur Khadar, south Delhi – grabbing her hand and shouting "kiss me" – because she knew she would get the blame, as if she had somehow encouraged them. She was right: when her family found out, they banned her from going back to school, worried about the effect on their "honour" if she was sexually assaulted. The plan now is to get her married. She is 16.” (“Rachel Williams”). Sources (“ WHY GIRLS IN INDIA ARE STILL MISSING OUT ON THE EDUCATION THEY …show more content…
They must to encourage them to go to school parallel to the boys. The parents shouldn’t believe that if they don’t send their girls to school is a kind of protection to them, it is a big mistake to ignore them or prevent them from going to school to be educated. Some parents should not enforce or push their daughters for marriage in early age, and take a big responsibility of her new family and kids at the same time. Some parents taught that if they sent their girls to school, is just as much as wasting their time and money instead of finding a good husband for some selfish reasons. For example, if the girl married the parents don’t have to buy cloths or medication if they are sick, so the husband responsible for those expanses after marriage. When the family have a new baby girl came at life, the parents have one only destiny is marriage and motherhood. The parents think if their daughters reach a marriage age the parent’s job is over, and they are succeeded as parents, but if the girl stayed home without marriage in specific age she becomes burden to her parents. (“Child marriage is a tragic reality faced by 15 million girls around the globe every year”) .“Early and forced marriage is a violation of human rights that destroys girls ' childhoods and women 's lives. It has to end. With your help we can end child marriage and forced marriage within a generation, by 2030.”

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