Importance Of Well-Being

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Promoting well-being is vital in the aspect of trying to become happy. So, regardless of how happy a person is in their life, nearly everyone has room for improvement. Therefore, assessing overall well-being is done by evaluating how satisfied an individual is with the variety domains of their life. So how do we specifically measure our well-being? We do so with two concepts: bottom-up and top-down theory. When perceiving the bottom-up theory, the individual will focus on changing the surrounding environment or situation to improve well-being. In contrast, the top-down theory requires the individual to change their attitudes, perceptions, personality traits or beliefs.
It is important to understand that the concept of self-assessment includes
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I want to become a psychologist and I am very motivated in accomplishing this goal. As I get closer to my goal, I will start looking into gaining more “hands on” experience to improve my occupation standpoint. Now days, in any work force, it is almost just as important to have experience as it is to have a degree before getting a job. The quality of my leisure time can be improved by experiencing the outdoors more often. I highly enjoy the outdoors and have been situating into a daily routine of just going outside for half an hour to an hour to clear my mind. I will continue to do this until this habit is almost instinctive and once I regulate this into my routine, subjective well-being will become stable over time. When it comes to personally engaging interests, I want to be involved in charity work and possibly go on a mission trip one of these days. This is an idea I have had for a long time. There is no better feeling than helping the less fortunate, so I really want to become involved. One way I can promote my lifestyle after retirement would be moving closer to family. If I don’t move closer to family by the time I retire, I definitely will afterwards. There will be no better feeling than being surrounded by loved ones in the last chapters of my life. In the event of unexpected tragedies, I tend to try to ignore it and avoid any conversation about it. The last time anything tragic really happened was when my Uncle died and I ignored all confrontation about it which hurt more. I have been practicing talking to people when tragic events happen. It turns out I feel much better when I talk about things rather than bottling them

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