Importance Of Weight Lifting

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The new big thing these days is how to stay fit and how to get that “summer body” you’ve always wanted. Well here’s the thing, it’s not all cardio and yoga that you are looking at, the biggest thing is lifting weights. Women tend to stay away from the squat racks, and dumbbells for some reason, most saying it is because the males take up majority of that space and it just has us females drawn away from the idea. Here ill prove too you that it is worth it to maybe not heavy lift but at least do some type of lifting to help your muscles, bones, and cardiovascular system. Something big that not just women but men don’t know is, lifting weights speeds up your metabolism and that is the biggest thing you need when trying to lose weight. The older you get the slower your …show more content…
As you start to build muscle, you body will start to make a hourglass shape. Something most also do not know about weight lifting is it improves your sleep schedule. It helps you to fall asleep faster, deeper, and wake up les during the night. All this was done in a study published in the “International Sport Med Journal”. Training greatly affects your quality of sleep and will lengthen the time of sleep the night after you train. Not only for females but everyone will gain energy from lifting weights. But here is when it becomes very important for us females to start lifting . When you per say “pump iron”, reduces your risk of heart disease. Females tend to deal with quite a bit of stress within their day, from work, to coming home and preparing a meal or cleaning for the family. Regular exercise is a general way to manage stress. There are researchers that have found out that those who regularly strength train usually tend to manage their stress better. They also experience fewer adverse reactions to stressful situations as those who do not

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