Importance Of Water Insuricity Essay

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One might not think that water insufficiency is a problem like wars, global warming and natural disasters. They think that our planet is 70% full of water and therefore, no worries. Unfortunately, less than 1% of the water in our blue planet is suitable for human consumption. The rest of it is found in saltwater or inaccessible such as the ice caps. Everybody is aware of the uneven distribution of water across our planet, some countries suffer from floods and hurricanes while others have droughts for years. Climate change favours those droughts too. As the temperature rises the climate becomes more sensitive and susceptible to more natural disasters. The hot desserts expand and the ice caps melt and rises the level of seawater not only causing …show more content…
Groundwater is safe from contamination because it is filtered naturally through rock. But sometimes some pathogens and small particles find their way to pollute groundwater. Purification of seawater is an expensive process and might not be available to poor economy countries. Lakes, rivers and oceans are at constant risk by heavy metals, poisonous minerals from industry and chemical fertilizers. Therefore, providing clean fresh water for the whole population is a responsibility that we really must take under consideration. There are several processes done to purify and provide water. First is filtration, which is the most widely used. Such as rapid and slow sand filtration. Secondly, chemical disinfection which occurs in most developed countries by using effective chemicals such as chlorine. Sedimentation, flocculation and stabilization are all other ways to provide water for citizens.

However, the research for easy, fast and pure fresh water. So, the recent researches done by Arizona State University found a sustainable water start up, Zero Mass water. It is observed that 3,100 cubic miles of water are present in our atmosphere, which can cover our planet with an inch width. Of course, this water is in its gaseous form perhaps we only feel it in humid nights where vapor content in the air is high and that is exactly the source of water we are considering here.
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Source design and specific details of processing is not yet published; however, professor says that the device is solar-like panels resting on top of metal boxes and uses sunlight to produce heat and electricity. In addition, it's provided with a set of proprietary materials to catch vapours from humid air. The idea of Source is based on the ideal binding energy for water in its gaseous state. The binding energy is compared to the one for grains of rice in salt shaker in places with high humidity. Those grains are put to absorb humidity rather than the salt to prevent spoiling it. Rice is used here due to its strong binding energy for water. Professor also gives an important advice regarding using materials that bind strongly to water, saying they shouldn't be so hardly bind that it take large amount of energy to get the water back off and store or use

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