Importance Of Water Conservation Essay

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Ewha Park
Water as Universal Human Need Water is a vital element for the survival of humans. Water is the main component in the human body (Children’s Prize para.2). However, most people are confronted daily by the situations of an inadequate supply of water that is safe leading to serious health problems. Water performs essential functions in our bodies including regulation of body temperature and maintenance of various bodily functions. Moreover, cells organs and tissues use water in order to perform their designated functions effectively. Similarly, our bodies lose a lot of water during our daily activities of sweating, digestion, breathing thus its very essential for constant rehydration through constant drinking of fluids and
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The need to conserve water is critical due to increased population and the changing climatic conditions that have led to increased droughts. The water crisis has been surfacing throughout the world. Moreover, when the water supply tends to be low, most people especially the low-income earners may be forced to use water that has been contaminated.
Water Treatment process allows the process of treating wastewater for recycling and reusing. The treated water may be used for different industrial processes. The concept of water treatment forms an important method of water conservation.
Reducing Leaks is an important form of conserving water. Leakages lead to losses of huge amounts of water worldwide. The concept of fixing various leaks helps in saving a lot of water that could have been lost.
Reusing Water helps in reducing the amount of water used for a variety of uses. The water used in large companies may be drained in reservoirs and reused for other purposes. Moreover, the concept of dumping wastewater in plants is also an important aspect in water
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In order to reduce the spread of diseases especially the waterborne, purification and treatment of water is vital. Public awareness should be emphasized to convince people on the benefits of drinking a lot of pure water.

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