Argumentative Essay: Is War Necessary?

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If someone is in danger or they feel threatened, is war necessary? Some people believe it is, but others believe it is not. is sometimes preferred because some countries don’t respond to just talking. Also, some countries might start war on our country, so war is necessary to stop them. For example with North Korea, they do not respond to talking and threaten the United States with nuclear threats, talking with them will not work and could just result to an attack on the U.S. War is oftentimes necessary because sometimes violence is necessary, there are positives to declaring war, and it can get things done faster.
A reason that war is sometimes necessary is that sometimes violence is necessary. If terrorism threatens a country, military action will most likely need to be taken (“Violence Sometimes Necessary”). If terrorism or a terrorist threaten a country, like 9/11, war may have to be the only option, because otherwise whoever is attacking your country will not stop unless you put a stop to it. The U.S probably would not
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War has been known to speed up the process of things in the past. People disagreed over the Civil war for the rights of slaves. They could’ve talked about it and tried to reason with the opposing side, but they also probably would’ve came to a stand- still and not have gotten anywhere. War sped up that process by being able to come to a decision on the issue by which side won the war. And a current example with North Korea- their leader and government doesn’t reason well and the U.S doesn’t know if or when they may launch a nuclear missile on the U.S. They have threatened the U.S before with missile threats and so it may be easier to declare war on them so the U.S has a chance at winning instead of the chance of getting bombed. On the other hand, declaring war on North Korea would probably cause the death of a lot of innocent people, which is a bad

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