Catholic Church Vocation Research Paper

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One of the greatest pressing issues the Christian church faces today is with its vocations. The problem is the increasing lack of vocations to ministry and service to the church due to a number of pre-existing issues the church has been facing in recent years. These issues alone were already notable; however the evident decrease in vocations has quickly become a much larger issue for the church {footnote}. The reason as to why a decrease of vocations is a major problem for the church is (in my opinion) best summed up by Matthew 28:16-20:
Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them. And when they saw him they worshipped him, but some doubted. And Jesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in
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How do the opinions of people not following any vocation fit into this two-sided problem? From a clear faith standpoint, there shouldn’t be any excuses or alternate views. However the world is not perfect, and neither is all our faith. For some time now, exactly how long isn’t clear, mainly the last century, the Catholic Church has seen a steadily increasing decrease {steady decrease} in the {their} community. There are many things to blame (to some degree) for this, from technological advancements, to the social media up rise, even to some mass world events. These and many other things have slowly been causing religion to “phase out” {footnote}, the most notable of those being social media. With so much focus nowadays on trends, celebrities, and living in the “now”, people have been almost hypnotized into not thinking as we’ve been taught to; to do good for the whole, with our priorities meant to be duty to God, duty to country, and lastly, duty to oneself. But because of the style of living that has been developed over at least the past 40 or so years, more and more people have forsaken that, to the point where now most literally don’t know any better. This change is our fault too. In the past century especially, the Church community as a whole has had a sort of “depression”, in how seriously religion was taken {footnote}. Because of not enough people fixing this problem, the whole thing has snow-balled into what can now be considered a …show more content…
There are many people who are affected by the issue at hand, but there still are many who are not. Christianity still has hundreds of millions of faithful members worldwide {footnote}, with thousands taking up major vocations every year. But therein lies the problem, the lack of faith is beginning to outsize those with faith in the world. Therefore, if not enough action is taken to solve these issues within the next century, Christianity could truly face its ultimate downfall. But I believe we won’t let that happen. Why? Because this is another test of our faith from God, and if we use our faith to spread his word these issues can be resolved. Due to the sheer magnitude of the problem, our strength will have to be many times greater to overcome all we face as a community. But history has shown the Christian community to prevail in the face of adversity time and time again, this time will be no different, so long as we all can stay strong and true to what really matters in our lives. And that is faithful, truthful, and loyal service to God, and our common

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