Importance Of Virtual PE

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This year, I decided to take Virtual P.E. instead of the traditional course in order to avoid scheduling conflicts with my full array of classes in the upcoming school year. My fitness-based project gave me opportunity both to stay fit and, as suggested by Adams, to improve the quality of my summer. In order to make the most of my experience, I looked for activities that I enjoy and that would help me to achieve my goals. The set of cardiovascular activities I selected targeted my first goal, improving my running 5k time. My regimen included weekly 5k trials to measure my progress, hill workouts to improve my hill stamina, and long runs to improve my endurance. Later in the summer, I expanded my aerobic workouts to include bike rides for cross …show more content…
I had a good balance of jogging, biking and rest that allowed to be improve without being overwhelmed, and my consistent and simple gym training kept me focused and guided me to constant improvement. The activities that helped me the most were jogging, pushups, and situps. My running plan, including trials, hill workout, and long runs, offered direct improvement to my 5k time. Pushups and situps, on the other hand, worked out my upper body and core to improve my max number of pushups and balance lower body strength building with upper body workouts. Activities that did not seem to benefit me as much were biking, bicep curls, and tricep extensions. Biking was a good cardio workout, but it sometimes tired me out too much when I should have rested and did not seem to have much impact on my 5k time. Bicep curls and tricep extensions were good for strength training but sometimes seemed to complicate my gym workouts and make them drag on. However, despite any complaints, I feel that the activities I chose were effective in regards to achieving my goals. My regular workouts brought steady improvement over the course of the summer. By the time of my posttest, I was able to achieve my 5k goal, and made significant progress toward my pushups goal. While my fitness activities helped me to achieve my goals, my goals also helped motivate me to keep up my activities the entire summer. This motivation was important as I faced challenges to my progress. One challenge was maintaining my program after taking a week off in the middle of the summer. I was able to recover from the break with increased determination, and was back to normal within a week. Another challenge was facing boredom in my gym workouts. I tried to alleviate this boredom by changing the order of exercises in the workouts and playing inspirational music. Finally, I had to

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