Reflective Essay: The Story Of Us

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Everyone has a story to tell. These stories consist of trials and triumphs, the discovery of new ideas, good times, bad times and memories both those we cherish and those we try desperately to get rid of. These stories we hold on to add to the essence of who we are. Furthermore, they create a sense of normality as everyone, everywhere has experienced a traumatic event, a memory they never want to let go of, a love like no other, and a moment where they realized nothing would ever be the same. This is a part of what makes us human. We have these stories and with them we persuade, provoke, enlighten and influence. We choose to give others a look at what lies beneath the surface and prove that there is so much more to the book than the cover. …show more content…
The stories in which were expressed so adamantly on the program and through the art of a dance entitled “Here we are.” This power behind the performers twists and turns and the pain so easily expressed through the creases and frowns on their faces, led me to believe that these dancers were human and had experienced events that have made them cry, shout, and maybe even drop to their knees with their hearts broken. These moments are the worst and sometimes we feel like nothing can ever get better and we get closer and closer to giving up and accepting our fate. Kaylynne Leggett did such an amazing job with incorporating these emotions within the movements and the dancers did an exceptional job in expressing these movements and making them their own by incorporating their own experiences and mishaps. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and connected on a personal level with the dancers. Furthermore, I was able to think about my experiences and how I have impacted the lives of others and how important it is to share my burdens while assisting others with theirs. At the end of the day we are all humans and have a right to feel pained and conflicted, but we also have the power as individuals to make someone else’s life better with simple words of encouragement or a smile. Additionally, the performance left me questioning whether everyone was aware of the power they held to change the life of someone else. The performance truly opened my eyes and I thought back to another quote I read on social media that states “I don’t care if you have partied with the wealthy, I’m concerned as to whether you have sat with the broken.” Last but not least, there’s a question that came to mind while viewing this phenomenal performance, what would happen if everyone, everywhere was willing to help carry the burden of someone

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