Importance Of Utu


Maori responses in the early historical period were committed by well-established customs and practises. Some of the most important concepts and values were of Mana, Tapu and Utu. They were causes of both order and difference in Maori society. (New Zealand History, 2012). They were forces at work and in daily routines. Maori Values are resources, areas, places and everything that is important and valued by Maori people. This essay will be explaining the value of Utu and how it relates to Maori families and people today, as well as the importance and our responsibility to return Utu.
Utu was often defined as revenge or giving in return for anything and reward in the Maori culture. The wider meaning of Utu is the maintenance of balance
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People hold respectable positions in the society and earn a lot. Many new friends, relatives and people gather around them. It is all because their parents are nursing them in right earnestness and utmost care. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to return Utu to our parents; we ought to honour our parents by respectful behaviour, love and obedience. The least we could do is be there for them at their old age and have kind feelings and actions towards them. We have the duty of understanding and forgiving father and mother and giving them equal attention in terms of care, physical and mental comfort. When parents age or retire, they cannot earn anymore and their only asset is their children. They deserve some help from them and not sent to the old age homes. In the old age, children become the source of inspiration to the parents. Therefore, it should be the duty of every child to see that their parents are being looked into special attention and care taken towards them with right earnestness and affection. It is all part of their duty to make them happy and bring peace to …show more content…
It teaches them to be grateful and give in return. Giving people something you know they will need and enjoy is building up a relationship that could mean something in the future. People will be able to perceive the world differently, and develop better. Parents are the most precious gift for humans. When we are happy, they are too. They trained us for the future challenges and taught us to be proud and happy for whom we are. They are living for us and support us in difficult situations we face in life and career. They also try motivating and inspiring us by their own examples to make a tough into good. Parents are the real leaders and role models in our life and they never show this off to their children and never dominate their feelings. They judge what is wrong with us and help to get back the smile on our face. That is why people should be able to return Utu proudly to their parents, remember all the good, and forget the bad in them. As well as the numerous sacrifices, they took since the day their child was

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