Cell Phones In Schools Essay

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It may be surprising to learn that 1,300 detentions for cell phone violations were given out to students in TBJH during the 2016/2017 school year. If schools embraced this technology, students would be using their cell phones to help them learn, therefore eliminating the 1,300 detentions given out for violation of cell phone rules. Misuse of cell phones is distracting and all too common, but new technology makes it easier to monitor these devices, let alone the immense amount of advantages cell phones have in the classroom. Think about it: a classroom with every student engaged and learning because of them using cell phones. Although cell phones are currently banned in classrooms, schools should use them to their advantage because they save …show more content…
“For a district with 10,000 students, teachers & staff, that’s 28,000,000 sheets of paper... Imagine if that was all electronic… – you can put it all in Google Drive with unlimited free storage for education... And, it’s not just money you’ll save. You’ll help the environment too by saving 2,500 trees and 55,000 gallons of oil” (Deshpande). It’s obvious that we waste lots of paper, let alone all of the pens, pencils, and erasers. The use of cellphones in the classroom would greatly reduce this waste. Some may argue that having the traditional materials is necessary for some activities. This is true, but nevertheless, you will still save (literally) tons of paper in the long run, therefore helping the …show more content…
“PBS Kids, in partnership with the US Department of Education, found that the vocabulary of kids ages three to seven who played its Martha Speaks mobile app improved up to 31%” (Lynch). It is clear that certain applications can help students learn, but the use of this technology also helps students focus. “When self-reporting, 54% of students say they get more involved in classes that use technology and 55% say they wish instructors used more educational games or simulations to teach lessons” (Lynch). Students get more involved in lessons when they are using technology, which is important. Let alone the thousands of free applications that provide lessons and practice that can help the student’s learning. But couldn’t students secretly go onto other sites like Snapchat and Facebook (we know they are good at that)? Not necessarily. When students are connected to the school’s WiFi, the school can actually customize it to block some sites. Also, new technology is making it easier than ever before to track and monitor devices, therefore making sure the students are on track.

Although cell phones are currently banned in classrooms, schools should use them to their advantage because they reduce technology costs, limit classroom waste, and help students learn more. Most students own cell phones, making it cheaper for the school to buy equipment. If schools ditched paper and pencil, it would

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