Importance Of Urban Anthropology

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Urban Anthropology
A college student taking an introduction to Anthropology course could be overwhelmed with the immense amount of information that exists in today’s text books about Anthropology, Anthropologists and the varied sub-topics. It is impossible even for the most detailed professor to cover all of the information available. A professor needs to evaluate the information and decide what topics should be included in their teachings and how in depth they should be covered. It is clear that in order for a professor to give a well-rounded view of the topic of Anthropology to students the professor must spend time teaching the students about the Urban Anthropology, its history, its impact of the field of Anthropology and how Urban Anthropology is currently practiced in the United States.
Merriam-Webster defines urban as “of or relating to cities and the people who live in them.” They define Anthropology as “the study of human races, origins, societies, and cultures” (Merriam-Webster). Therefore, simply put Urban Anthropology by definition is the study of human races, origins, society’s and cultures of or relating to cities and the
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The Chicago school focused its research on the cities marginalized groups and the social interactions of the people within those groups with one another. Park believed it was important to become a part of the community you were studying. Park was quoted as saying “Go and sit in the lounges of luxury hotels and on the doorsteps of flophouses; sit on the Gold Coast setttees and on the slum shakedowns; sit in the Orchestra Hall and in the Star and Garter Burlesque. In short, gentlemen, go get the seats of your pants dirty in real research” (Ocejo,2012). This method became the preferred method of research by the people studying the various social groups within the

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