Importance Of Upward Communication

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Register to read the introduction… Upward communication has been proven to be highly effective within CNI. It has allowed new ideas to come forward and allowed the company to grow twofold in ten years. The old ways of one way communication flow of information from top to bottom doesn't allow for feedback in internal communication. The upward communication allows for feedback within the organization and CNI recognizes the feedback and ensures that there is total freedom of communication between management and employee. It allows for and information highway where discussions and ideas flow upward and downward and allow all employees to take ownership of the progress the organization makes. This also promotes self worth and allows the employee to be able to take more responsible roles within the organization, allowing the organization to profit from the breadth of experience gained from their …show more content…
The communication effectiveness within CNI has been determined as very strong and no weaknesses were observed by the researcher. The delivery of feedback on the performance to their subordinates through quarterly appraisals, specific achievement recognition, and annual appraisals allows the employee to know what their work is having on other employees, the company, and the customer. Recognition for effective performance has been noted as a powerful motivator and it has been determined that employees want to obtain more recognition, which fosters more of the appreciated actions. This has allowed the employees of CNI to build a trusting relationship within the organization. The organizational communication structure within CNI consists of upward and downward communication flows which allow for feedback within the organization and the fact that CNI recognizes and acknowledges the feedback just ensures that there is total freedom of communication between management and employee. The only recommendation that the researcher suggests is that the organization continues to welcome the inputs from all levels of employees and continue to recognize that everyone within the organization has valuable information and ideas that could ensure the continued success of Chickasaw Nation Industries,

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