Importance Of Tropical Rainforests

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Tropical rainforests are important as they are home to more than 2 million species, which represents over half of the world’s species of plants, animals, insects and a great variety of fungi. This also contributes to the huge biodiversity of the rainforests. The continuous canopy of the trees is a habitat for some species of plants to grow and animals can live in.

Tropical rainforests are also home to indigenous people, who depend on the rainforests for their resources for survival. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), a whole 60 million indigenous people are wholly dependent on the forests for survival. Many of such people have been living in these rainforests for thousands of years. The rainforests
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As plants carry out photosynthesis and make food with the presence of sunlight, they take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen. By absorbing carbon dioxide, plants in the rainforests help to reduce the effects of world climate change. In recent years, the global temperature on Earth has been rising due to global warming. This is caused by a rising levels in greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. As more greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, are released into the atmosphere, the global warming condition would worsen as day by day passes. Thus, with the presence of the tropical rainforests, the trees can take in more carbon dioxide and give out more oxygen into the atmosphere. This can help to alleviate the situation of global warming and thus, it is important to preserve the tropical rainforests as they can slow down the process of Earth becoming …show more content…
To make space for the growth of such plants, land has to be cleared, and thus the tropical rainforests are being sacrificed for the planting of such plants. Industrialisation also occurs in this fast-growing world. As industrialisation occurs, people spend more resources from trees, like wood and paper. To meet the rising demands of working essentials, logging takes place and this leads to more trees getting logged and the tree population decreases. All these can actually be controlled. To ensure the sustainability of our rainforests, we can use less of such plant-base products. Before we even purchase the products, we can look at the ingredients used to make the product and refrain from buying those containing plant-based ingredients. As the demand for such items decreases, less of such items will be manufactured due to the manufacturing knowing that less profits can be made and this can help to conserve the rainforests as logging activities and deforestation is controlled. Thus, changing our consumption habits is vital in maintaining the sustainability of tropical

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