Personal Narrative: My Transfer From High School To College

The transfer from high school to college can be a challenge. My first year of college taught me numerous lessons that I still use to this day. One of the most imperative lessons is to go to teacher office hours. The second is to get to know individuals in your class because fellow classmates can be extremely helpful. Next is that having a sense of time is important. Also, to accept failure and use it as a lesson to improve me. Because of these lessons I am prepared for the rest of my years in college. When in college it is important making a habit of going to teacher’s office hours. Furthermore, my first semester I did not start going to office hours till it was too late. The class I struggled with was chemistry and I was terrified to admit …show more content…
Throughout high school, I had a decent sense of time, but once I got to college it was important that it get improved. In addition, I did not choose to live on campus so I commute to school every day during the semester. Since I chose to commute, I had learned several lessons from having a sense of time. My first lesson was making time for parking. This happened because I did not take into account the time it took to get into the parking structure and find a spot, especially if it was packed. The parking structure I had was six floors and occasionally you ended all the way at the time still struggling to find a spot. The following lesson is to watch the traffic report each morning. It is important to pay attention to traffic reports since one time I got stuck in three-hour traffic due to an accident. When you have a sense of how the traffic is you can plan accordingly. Another lesson is to pay attention to weather reports. During the winter months, it is imperative to provide extra time to defrost your car in the morning. Also, when it snows you need even more time to clean your car off and get to school due to the hazardous roads. The last lesson is that if you plan on carpooling make sure that you set the pick-up time earlier than it needs to be. The reason for this is since if someone runs late then you can still be on time. My first time carpooling I made that mistake, then when I went to pick my friend up he was not ready. Besides having a sense of time for getting to school it is imperative to have a sense of time at school. When at school it is imperative to make sure you have enough time to get to class. There are numerous times where I do not have a back to back class and I have extra time. When I have extra time I do several other things, however I found out the hard way to always check the time and to leave where I am with enough time. As long as you have an upright sense of time you

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