Personality Trait Theory In The Workplace

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Healthy personalities and behaviors are important for business to succeed. Since many workplaces have very diverse people it is important they know the “Big Five” trait theory. Trait theory proposes that that a personality of formed from five different traits. Commonly, known as the “Big Five” the traits are known as Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Openness to Experience. A manager can use the “Big Five” in a business setting to better understand the workplace and the people who work in it, which can help the business succeed.

Extraversion is the first segment of the “Big Five” traits. This trait describes a worker who is outgoing, assertive, works well with others, is social by nature, and is friendly.
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This personality trait can be effective for resolving arguments and conflicts quickly so the business is not affected. For business to succeed it is important that employees work well with each other. An employee workforce is very similar to teammates. Basically, the employees in a company are a team working towards a common goal, and to achieve success it takes the entire team working together. It is normal for people with the agreeableness personality trait to be popular and for employees to want to work with other people in the company who are accommodating, agreeable, and is not cold or disruptive. When a business or company has a collaborative workforce, the work will be more efficient and run smoother. Moreover, it only takes one disgruntled or disruptive employee to disrupt a healthy work environment and slow down the work process. Therefore, it is helpful to have a few members who rank high on agreeableness working in a …show more content…
Agreeableness is the trait of a worker who cooperates with others and is warm or genuine. The conscientious worker is a person who is hardworking, prepared, and reliable or dependable. The emotional stable worker is composed, self-confident, and cool-mannered. The Openness to Experience worker is creative, curious, and cultured. Combing and mixing all of these personality traits will make a more effective and effect business. The reason is that extroverts of the “Big Five” are great at communicating with others and proactive in completing the tasks at hand. The agreeable worker works well with others and can be the peace maker in arguments or difficult situations. The emotional stable worker of the “Big Five” can work well under pressure and handle deadlines as well as keep others calm in turbulent times. The open new experiences worker will come up with new and different ideas to solve difficult problems. Lastly, the conscientious worker is dependably the will always do their best and can be relied upon to finish tasks and stay

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