Importance Of Track And Field

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If you had asked me years ago what I wanted to go to college for and what I was interested, it would be a completely different answer than the one I would give you today. I have had many influential events happen to me in these recent past years that have opened my eyes to new possibilities that I never even would have thought of before. Both my grandmother and my mother went into the teaching field for their careers. Being young, and rebellious in a way, not wanting to be like the others in my family or those that came before me, I swore I would never become a teacher. Then, later once I had the chance to work with kids and help them and read to them, I realized that I really did enjoy it, it gave me a sense of happiness and …show more content…
When I was younger, I would have never imagined that I would try to get into college for athletics, but now here I am trying to run track in college. My family and I moved not too long ago, almost two years ago, in the middle of my sophomore year and since I was not a social butterfly at the time, my parents were worried that I wouldn 't make friends because I wouldn 't try to make friends, they were right. Therefore, they decided I should try track and field to see if I liked it, and mainly to make friends. Once joined track, it was a long time before I ever actually talked to anyone, yet I improved in my events. Then finally, the moment my parents had been waiting for, I made friends and opened up a little. Continuously through out the track season I kept improving on my running events. And even during the season of my junior year I kept improving my times. My times are at the point now and with my rate of improvement, I am hoping that in my senior year I can improve even more so I can be looked at by college track recruiters. I believe I would be a good addition to a college track team because I have the drive to keep working hard and to try to continue improving my times, and I understand that track is mostly an individual sport rather than a team sport, but the team is still important because it can affect the performance of the

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