Importance Of The WAC Unit

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The WAC unit was very helpful for me. It pulled together all of the course content from our readings and class activities and helped me to see where I could go with the new things I have learned. This is awesome because that is exactly what I wanted to get out of this class. I wanted to make my understanding of teaching language arts bigger, better and richer. With that said, the WAC unit was really difficult at first! It was challenging to switch from focusing on writing process, student motivation and individual lessons and dive into specific curriculum content. It felt like such a shift in thinking. I think it forced us students to synthesize what we had learned and create something with it. And of course, that is a good thing. :) It was …show more content…
Though I still totally love many of the units I have taught I can see now that I never knew how to scaffold the writing to bring it to the level I knew it had the potential be. My problem was that there was no way I could spend time with each individual student to work on improving each individual piece. Now I see how I could use my language lessons to introduce key language/writing concepts, while still teaching science content. For example, I could teach about similes, while focusing on frog behavior/facts. We could brainstorm all of the things we could to compare frog/amphibian traits too. For example, a frog soaks up water like a sponge, which would be learning about frogs and language. That would also be a really fun illustration! For me, imagining the content, which I love (p.s. If I could teach anything all day it would be science) paired with the writing process instruction, I just know that I could teach my kids better/more. I have taught biology and earth science in Montessori for years, but now I know how to really integrate the language portion into our science projects. Amazing! Now I know how to do writing lessons at each step of the writing process. I can guide the kids, follow their development and keep moving through content. This is what I am most excited about. Learning about and understanding how to …show more content…
Everyone has a different work/learning style and pace. Everyone has a different perspective and values different things. I think it is hard for college students to see but this project is very realistic and is very good preparation for real teaching. Another thing I valued about or class is that you attended to our human emotional needs. Class began with you carefully scaffolding our social interactions by showing us respect, letting us free write, gradually letting us edit and read each other 's work and finally actually writing together. I appreciated that you opened the classroom space by getting to know each other and we will end the class by eating and enjoying each other 's hard work. I think it 's really nice closure, and I don’t think most students realize that they need it. Learning is a growth process, it opens you up to others and I think it is such a loss to walk away from each other without saying thanks for working with me, it was nice to get to know you. Thanks again for all of your careful planning and sharing your expertise. Most of your students don’t know how good they have got it, getting all of these tools and great role modeling before they even step into the classroom! I had amazing instructors this semester and you (and my science teacher) are at the very top of my list. I hope you have a really great

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