Pentecostal Beliefs

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When I first arrived to the class I was taught the Pentecostal view on Christianity. I didn 't know much about other religions. I was glad to take this course, because I have learned a lot. I have gain wisdom and understanding from God. I learned that we must trust him at all times. This puts our faith in him and shows our love for God. The first thing I learned was the Holy Spirit prayer. The Holy Spirit prayer is a pray that we said in the beginning of each class. As a Pentecostal I was taught that repeating a prayer was less effective than praying to God directly the ability to pray through the bible. I learned that this prayer means a lot. The Holy Spirit prayer ask the Holy Spirit to joins us in the class. This prayer gives us a chance to pray with the Holy Spirit as our instructor. I enjoyed the opening prayer, because it showed the faith that we have on the Holy Spirit.
I learned that prayer is a raising of the heart and mind to God, who guides us. I learned that prayer has four main attitudes that form A.C.T.S. Which are adoration and praise, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication. Adoration is giving praise to God. Contrition which is feeling remorse for our sins. Thanksgiving being when we give thanks God. Supplication is a way to ask God for
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Liturgical prayer is the official prayer of the church. Devotional is any other form of prayer. We learned about the relationship of God. God is a trinity made up of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is the creator. The son is the redeemer. And the Holy Spirit is made up by the love between the Father and the Son. God is described as “I am who am” which means that God is greater that anything and we cannot comprehend his holiness. There are two forms of prayers ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary is both liturgical and devotional prayer. Extraordinary form of prayers are visions and dreams inspired by

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