Importance Of The Old Testament

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Many Christians focus majority of studies into the New Testament. New Testament catches many attentions because it describes the birth of the church. As people focus more on the New Testament, Old Testament is shunned away to the degree where most think Old Testament is not important to read. Christians have debated whether Old Testament is needed to be read. Many sound arguments from both sides have been posed over these years. Even so, Old Testament is vital literature needed for Christians. The Old Testament’s importance comes from its prophecies, stories, and ideas.
The Old Testament is one of the important literature for the Christians due to the fact it containing many prophecies which was fulfilled in Old Testament and New
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The Old Testament is vital literature for Christians to read considering the stories it contains. The Old Testament is foundation of all the literature of the Bible. The Bible links its stories with New Testament to complete one huge story. The Old Testament starts out with God creating the heavens and the earth. The Old Testament begins the story with explanation of how all things have come to life through God.
The Old Testament contains biblical characters and their lineage. The characters and their lineage unravels the story of how the Old Testament came to the New Testament. In short, the Old Testament is the prequel of the New Testament. The creation story led to story of the Adam. The Adam’s story leads to Abraham, Abraham to Moses, Moses to Saul, and Saul to David. The David’s story eventually leads to the New Testament’s story of Jesus through the covenant between David and God. The story of David and his covenant with God explains how Jesus was born to fulfill all the covenants in the Old
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In the time where New Testament figures were mentioned, there were no such thing as New Testament. Even if some parts of the New Testaments were to be out, not many people knew their existence. Jesus only had Old Testaments and that is where he had learned his studies. The characters from the New Testament all have quoted the Old Testament for their references. Christians would be able to know how the New Testament characters’ mindsets as they quoted the Old Testament for the reference

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