Nurse Anesthetist

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The Nurse Anesthetist is adept in all aspects of anesthesia care, utilizing a highly specialized knowledge base and skill set in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of anesthesia and pain management. CRNAs are able to work independently from a physician’s supervision, but state guidelines and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists regulate their autonomy and scope of practice.
My goals in nursing have always been to positively influence the lives of patients and families, find fulfillment in my work, and make a valuable contribution to the nursing profession.
In an attempt to positively influence the lives of patients and families, competent and compassionate care has been my foremost focus. Illness is both physically and emotionally
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Thus far, these contributions have been through involvement in Grant Medical Center’s Critical Care Practice Council. I believe the starting point for contributing to the whole of nursing is an individual’s desire to promote the best outcomes for patients. In order to improve patient outcomes, contributions should come from multiple disciplines and perspectives. CRNAs possess an invaluable perspective and immense potential to contribute to nursing, through both anesthesia care and collaboration with nursing specialties throughout the hospital setting. CRNAs are respected members of the nursing community, and are in a unique position to educate, lead, and participate in developing standards of care. I have become convinced that stepping into the CRNA role will provide a greater opportunity to contribute to nursing practice development and leadership. I plan to continue active involvement in nursing and hospital comities, and hope to become involved in research as opportunities …show more content…
I remain open to the possibility of taking on a formal teaching role in the future. However, there is currently a mountain of information I have yet to learn. Although I am a nursing professional, I have maintained the mindset of a student. I have been fortunate to practice nursing in a setting that fosters learning, and to glean from the teaching of healthcare professionals who have far more knowledge and experience. I look forward to the possibility of continuing this education within the MSN program. From an existing foundation of clinical strength and compassionate patient care, I believe that the program will build the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as a

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