Leadership Journey Learning Community Analysis

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When I first came to UNC Charlotte, I had a vague vision drawn out in my mind and, it was one that I knew needed to be cleared and straightened out. I knew my end goal, what it consisted of, and that it was where I wanted to be, but I didn’t have an actual plan mapped out yet. This semester has changed and taught me in ways. I’ve managed to prove myself how well I could balance college and, I’ve seized opportunities I never thought I would. Looking back, I can see all my accomplishments, mistakes, and I’ve analyzed those mistakes to learn how to tackle my challenges that remain. After learning what my top 5 signature themes were, I started to analyze the way I acted more closely. It turned out that my represented me in ways I never quite …show more content…
Within the Leadership Journey Learning Community, I feel that I can help in keeping us unified and, working productively as leaders. I believe that my talents allow to me talk to everyone easily and bring people closer. This will be very useful because I know that as a community, we’re going to have to continue to work together for our class and on LC retreats. We’re also going to have to participate in our service-learning project, which is going to greatly depend on our cooperation. I think that inspiration/motivation is something I can commonly produce among the communities I’m a part of. Being a part of the UNC Charlotte Niner guide program is a great opportunity for me since it’ll help me grow with my talents while I can apply my talents and strengths to help the program at the same time. Giving random people tours on campus every week obviously can be a stressful job sometimes, given the possibilities and different situations that could come about. I might have to tour people who are in a substandard mood or, it might just be early and cold so, people might not be feeling too energetic or motivated. That’s when I must invoke my strengths for communicating with people to inspire happiness. I feel that I will be able to improve our ratings for tours and, help my fellow new Niner guides become better guides themselves so we can teach …show more content…
I don’t necessarily like to force leadership on anyone. Instead, I prefer to show people my integrity, responsibility, and other recognizable strengths first. Then, once I’ve gained a connection, I display my leadership with actions by showing my own perseverance, and hard work, whether it be building a house, or simply jogging around the block. I think that it matters what type of leader you are because it means that there are different ways for each of us to apply our leadership effectively. As a leader, I care about getting as many people as possible to similar or, individual goals. I care about keeping people motivated to complete tasks, easy or difficult, I believe motivation can make all the difference. Most of all, I care about using my leadership to inspire more leaders or, leadership growth among

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