Personal Narrative: My Career As A Business Administrator

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Although, my educational background and career as a Business Administrator entail the use of fact-based writing, I have learned about the craft of fiction writing from reading books as well as through various blogs and author websites. My favorite author on the craft of writing is James Scott Bell. I feel his writing is clear and non-condescending toward new writers. He gives examples that a general audience can relate to and gives supportive, common-sense advice. Another author I love is Blake Snyder. His book, Save the Cat, is geared more toward screenwriters but about 90% of it can be applied to novelists. Mr. Snyder and Mr. Bell both have the writer’s best interest in heart and don’t hold back on tips and tricks of the trade.

In addition to reading books, I have attended three online webinars hosted by Writer’s Digest. These webinars, which were taught by literary agents, include: Writing an Attention-Grabbing First Chapter, Editing your Novel, and How to Query Agents. I’ve also taken the James Patterson Teaches Writing course on and am currently taking a refresher grammar course on I plan to take their proofreading course next. (Universal Class is free through the Ocean County Library.)

I’ve also attended two
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in Writing program life experiences and a listening ear. I have worked with a lot of personalities over the years and can contribute encouragement, compassion, and creative thinking. My professional goals and ambitions in writing include being an adult fiction novelist and a screenwriter. If I don’t make it as a writer, which is highly possible as this is a competitive field, I would love to work in the publishing industry as an agent or editor. I would also love to teach creative writing to people like me, who were once scared to talk about the secret book they’re writing. Education and experience truly makes you more

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