Common Core State Standards: Lesson Analysis

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1. How have the Common Core State Standards guided your lesson preparation?
The Common Core standards are the base of the development of the lesson plan as well as the focal point. They ensure that I am implementing rigorous academic content that enable and strengthen my student’s critical thinking, reasoning, communication, and collaboration skills. The standards also allow me to identify the outcome of the unit; therefore, facilitating backward planning.
2. Describe a sample lesson plan that guides your teaching.
My lesson plans often consist of three components which is the input, process, and output. For example, in teaching independent and dependent clauses, I first discuss the relevance of it outside the academic setting and tap into prior knowledge. I then proceed to show a short clip about independent and dependent clauses, and finally I teach the information. This is the input component where students are obtaining the information both visually and auditory. The second component of my plan consists of processing in where my students work collaboratively in groups towards a common goal/assignment such as identification of/ or creating of independent and dependent clauses. This facilitates those who are kinesthetic to move around and those who are verbal to express their findings. Furthermore, it enables students to learn the topic trough discussion. Finally, the third component of my plan is individualized output which allows my students to write and demonstrate a command of the topic. This third part is often formative assessment;
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How have you worked with parents?
Throughout my experience, I have dealt with many parents from different social and ethnic backgrounds. Although, some parents might seem disconnected at first, I have discovered that communication is a key element to involve them on their child’s education. I constantly communicate with parents about their child’s progress whether it is through a phone call, an email, or a personal

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