Analysis: The Authentic Scripture

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The Authentic Scripture In my understanding of the scripture, and its original form of the manuscripts, this is known as the inspired and infallible word of God. The Scripture is the product of the Holy Spirit divinely inspiring chosen men to write God’s desired message (2 Tim. 3:16-17 ESV). The bible holds the inspired words of God; it is consequently without error completely. The Scripture should only be used as an authentic source of God’s authority in all aspects of one’s life. The word has been put into place as God’s teaching truth about His plan of salvation for the elect such as those that have given their hearts and lives to Him in surrendering to His will.
God’s word is and will always be the only true sufficient form of authentic
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God is unique in His personhood within the supreme being of the Godhead, but the same in essence as the other two persons, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God is holy and complete, His interactive attributes is motivated by His holiness. When defending these attributes one would include: love, wrath, mercy, grace, sovereignty, eternality, and immutability. Each of these attributs is equal whatever way God uses these attributes are in accordance to His perfect plan.
When one tries to understand God by trying to form Him into curtain types and forms of descriptions such as: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence, though mankind is not completely able to understand God is one in three it is understandable that one would use these descriptions to help in one’s comprehension yet we must not reduce God to man’s thought process alone. All that one can and will understand about God is what is revealed to man through the agency of the Holy Spirit and the authority of scripture. Grace, understanding and the saving knowledge of God comes through His exclusives
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8:16-18 ESV). The Holy Spirit grants spiritual gifts to believers which are to be used for the aforesaid purposes of God’s kingdom. The charismatic spiritual gifts are no longer given to Christians today because the canon is closed, and the extension of such gifts would suggest that God is still speaking authoritatively outside of scripture, and that the harvests of these gifts should be viewed equally with the words of God established in scripture. Christians are still given gifts of the Holy Spirit who acts as the believer’s consoler in times of testing and also helps guide one in the study of

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