Importance Of Temperance And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Importance of Temperance According to Forbes, only 8% of people achieve their New Years resolution. The reason they don’t achieve it is because they have lack of temperance. Temperance is moderation in self-restraint; most people refer to this as self-control. Temperance is very important in almost everything you do. Eating, spending money, time management, sex, alcohol, and drugs is all things you should have temperance in. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, and sex is caused by lack of temperance. Your life can go down hill fast if you don’t have control these things. Temperance can be difficult to have with things but there are many ways to over come these struggles. One area people have difficulty having temperance is losing weight. Temperance, in moderation, excuses, and old habits, is the most common roadblock when it comes to losing weight. Megan was an over weight 27 year old. She started gaining weight after her second daughter was born. She was not happy with her body or the way she felt. She was treated differently and started having health issues due to her weight. She knew that it was only going to get worse if she didn’t do something about it. She found the program 21-Day Fix and begin her journey. She had to learn moderation and eat way less then she was used to. In 21-day fix you are suppose to use containers to measure your portions. These portions were way smaller then what Megan had been using to. It wasn’t easy but Megan used temperance to say no to bad foods…

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