Importance Of Technology In Physical Education

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Technology in physical education has been around ever since shortly after the first physical education class took place in the fall of 1820; where they started to focus on gymnastics and the hygiene of the human body. Technology has been a part of classrooms for as long as people can remember, whether it be the first calculator in math class or the first light bulb that would soon light up a literature classroom full of students. Physical education department leaders and teachers have taken technology and applied it to work in their classes, thinking in perhaps that this would make things smoother, more fun and essentially easier for everyone involved. Technology can be labeled and taken into context many ways. To narrow your focus down, …show more content…
This term of an alien instructor is not a new term by any means. It is actually used by teachers in all subjects of classrooms. An alien instructor is a person or object that teaches the class about a skill or topic instead of the actual physical education teacher doing all of the work. Teachers would sometimes put on a movie that is educationally focused towards the topic that they are learning about, or in the P.E. setting, the teacher could use a Zumba video to get the kids moving and increasing their heart rates. Even a program on the WII, or a guest appearance from somebody you know is a good way to get the students excited again about what they are learning to do. I know that sometimes in specific classes, I personally would become very bored or frustrated that I kept having to sit through the same class with the same teacher every time I showed up. This tool of teaching eliminates that and gets the students more excited about what they are learning. Nowadays, most of the P.E. departments have a portable television that teachers can set up and students can use with specific programs to better their fitness. This way of teaching is not considered lazy on the teacher 's part, because they could be doing other things during the time that the students are working with the alien instructor. The teacher could be setting up for the next activity (while still keeping an eye on the kids to make sure that they are doing the exercise the right way). This time that the teacher is free is also a prime opportunity for him or her to take attendance if they have not already, or take advantage of the situation a little more and grade them on their performance and ability to do the skill, while they are all in one spot without giving you their

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