Encryption Of Cell Phones

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As technology has evolved to make things easier for the user to have what they need, often times it is those intuitive technological features that make our personal information vulnerable to hackers. Cell phones are a perfect example because they were originally invented to be used for both formal and informal communication. Cell phones functionality has expanded to the point where it encompasses almost the same functionality as computers. As a result of this increased functionality, cell phones have a lot of important data stored on them. We all are acutely aware that we have to protect our personal data from viruses and hackers on computers; however, have we placed the same importance on protecting the personal data on our cell phones. …show more content…
Users like having the ability to access and use applications at a moment’s notice. This means there will be more passwords and personal identifiable information stored on the phones. Encryption of website and / or an application is helpful for increasing safety. A user should use a secure close network when surfing the internet if possible. When a cell phone user is reaching out via Wi-Fi network it can be unsafe, ex. a free coffee shop network. Those Wi-Fi networks are open playgrounds and opportune times for thieves to snatch your information. When not using Wi-Fi on your phone, turn it off to be more secure and save battery life. Smarter cell phone security is the way. So the question is how to be smarter with our phones? The first step in being smarter with our phones is to know where it is physically located at all times. The size of the cell phone has changed since its beginning and the sizing trend is growing to have a bigger screen. This means it will stop fitting your jean pockets and will need to be in a purse/bag or in a case on your hip. Most likely a chain will not come into fashion to tether the phone. So after each use one needs to be cognitive of where you put it and not leave it on a table. Pay attention where you last laid the phone …show more content…
One can check your balance of your accounts, pay bills, and transfer funds. Now at a business you can go up to a register and wave your cell phone at a kiosk and pay the bill. Some businesses use their cell phone as the register and use an attachment to swipe your credit card. If thieves intercept or steal this information, they can ruin your financial status. This data needs to be protected. “One should think, is this safe?” before making any financial transaction on their phone. You should think of the same kind of precautions you make when approaching an automatic teller machine at night. With safety in mind, since the cell phone is now like a computer, it should be protected like a computer. We protect our computer with anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware software. The software helps make our computers run efficiently by providing updates for different hardware and software. Our data is vulnerable without it. We are sending documents from our cell phones to our computers and back. 360 Security, Avast!, Trend Micro and McAfee are some company names that have made software to protect cell phone data in the same way. Most of these companies have free versions and paid versions. Out of date software and applications is like having an open safe. Updating and protecting the operating system and applications is vital to having your cell phone working properly and aid to keep your data

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