Personal Statement In Religious Education

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I. Have a strong and active personal faith commitment and Accreditation to teach Religious Education
I have been a member of Our Lady 's Assumption Catholic Parish for the majority of my life and consider myself to be compassionate and dedicated. During my varied teaching experience, I successfully planned and delivered daily religion lessons centered on the suitable unit of work from the Religious Education Archdiocese of Perth. This enabled the students to properly understand, explore and support the Christian message that is imbedded into all learning areas as part of the Catholic Church’s mission in Catholic Education. As a graduate teacher with a Religious Accreditation to teach in Catholic schools, I strive to further my involvement in
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That is what teaching is to me, I believe being an educator is my vocation; therefore I want to be the greatest teacher I can possibly be. Since the age of 12 years old, I have taught Ballroom Dancing to people of all years and ability levels. This sparked my passion to teach primary education and the desire to be a life long learner. This means I shall continue to enhance my professional capabilities, through all possible means, including participation of additional professional learning such as Classroom Management Skills and my Graduate …show more content…
Be dedicated to the advancement of each student’s holistic development and committed to providing the highest standard of care and education
I strive to provide each child in my classroom with an education that meets their individual needs and develops their potential spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. I plan and deliver authentic, open-ended lessons that are engaging, meaningful, and relevant to students. Teaching experience in a variety of schools, including a ‘Band A’ public school in a low socio-economic area of rural Australian to independent Catholic schools, has enabled me to develop proficient teaching practices and behaviour management

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