My Love For Reading Research Paper

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Reading is something as child I loved to do and I still do to this day. I want to share my love for reading to my students. As students most students love to read and can’t wait to learn to read. If you find a book that a student likes then you have made that students day because you know that they are going to bring the book home and are going to read it to their parents. When you are teaching students to read you are teaching them a lifelong lesson that they are going to use for the rest of their life. In reading you are teaching them about phonics, word order, and fluency. Students can learn how to think about the text through thinking within the text, thinking beyond the text, and thinking about the text are all the ways that a student can learn. I plan to …show more content…
Reading is in our lives and we have to be able to teach it in the way they can learn and can succeed. My role as a teacher for reading is that I’m going to have my students learn about reading through so many different genres and I’m also going to have them learn through three different texts that I’m going to explain later on. When students are learning to read you can learn through so many genres from fiction to poetry. You have to be able to teach students and you can teach them the genres through the three texts

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