Importance Of Teaching Bibles In Schools

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We should be teaching bibles in schools because we should know why we was created and why there is so much crime in this world and how was the world created and why they decided to ban the bibles in schools.In the commencement God created heaven and Earth. The earth itself had no shape , it was empty and full darkness and covered with water. The spirit of god came over the water , and God said , “let there be light” and there was light , and God saw that the light was perfect. And then God separated the darkness from the light ,and he said “ light is for day & darkness for night.” On the first day was evening and morning. God created a vault to divide the waters from waters and called the vault “sky”.There were seven days of God’s creation,God …show more content…
The removal of bibler from schools was a encroachment of the third commandment which want’s us “not to take the Lord’s name in vain.”The effect of this commandment is not just to get away at the consecration of the name of God, but to remove the virtuousness and thereby the substance of the oath itself. Jesus’ teaching on oath-taking written in Matthew 5:33-37, while often misconceived, is actually a strong declaration of the third commandment and a clear warning that “the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain” (Exodus 20:7).in Broward County, Fla. has arisen a disturbing story of a twelve year old boy having trouble with his teacher for having the courage of reading the Bible to himself during free time, when the children were able to read whatever they wanted to.The teacher had pulled him out because she felt as if him reading the bible was very unfitting.Some school official 's out-ACLU the ACLU. They go over what the high court has ruled on the …show more content…
School shootings. Terrorist attacks. Dangerous “designer” drugs. Teen suicide pacts. It seems to be a problem , and should start worrying about our youth future. This is all what’s taking place on our youth , if the youth can get in church and study God’s word they will understand more why there is a reason to all this crime and shootings going on.God got a plan for every youth on this earth.All this crime and things are going on for a reason,God is coming back and no man will not know when . Teens our age are going through a phase where they feel they have to be like everyone else and some teens are getting bullied for the way they are and the way they carry themselves and they feel they have to be perfect enough to be like everybody . If our teens just get into God’s word they would know that wouldn’t have to be like everybody and some teens are committing suicide because they are getting bullied , but in God’s word it says that committing suicide is a sin which means they’re not going to heaven . And sometimes it saddens me to see our generation this way , I just want all youth to have good confidence and believe in God’s word and just know that God is keeping a shield around them and protecting them from all hurt, harm, and danger

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