Importance Of Teacher Attitude

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1.9.5. Students’ Attitude Students’ attitude is a very essential part of teaching - learning process. It is therefore a very important component of the pedagogical necessity to develop a positive attitude among the learners of Languages especially languages other than one’s mother tongue. Both positive as well as negative attitudes have an impact on the learning outcomes of language teaching. Attitude can enable learners to express whether they like or dislike the subject or the language they are learning or whether the learning environment is conducive to their learning situation. It is the inner feelings or their emotions that reflect their perceptions towards the language they learn (Cloy S.C. and Troudi S (2006) Attitudes affect pipil’s learning Karahan (2007 Pg 84) statels that positive language attitude lets learner have positive orientation towards learning English. Attitudes play a crucial role in the language learning as they can influence students’ success or failure in the learning. Hence it is very essential to understand the level of students’ attitude towards English as the teacher trainees themselves should have a positive attitude and acquire adequate competence to teach the language in their respective schools. Attitude is one of the factors that influence language learning as the quantum of …show more content…
Perception can likewise be affected by an individual's desires, intentions, and interests. The tendency to perceive objects or situations from an individual’s particular frame of reference is known as perceptual set. . Perceptual sets usually lead us to familiar conclusions. One would develop new perceptual sets in case of any ambiguity. But sometimes a perceptual set can mislead a person when the frame of reference is faulty. (Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2008) A few of the factors that influence perception

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