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It is very important for a guy, and girls too, to know how to hold a conversation and how to keep a conversation going to be able to have good interactions with their peers and other people who surrounds them. Great conversations can gain us more friends, and even life partners, if done correctly.
It is usually the guys who have the burden of keeping the talk interesting and exciting for the girls. So how to keep the conversation going with a girl solely depends on the skills of the guy that she is talking to. If you are not the talkative type of person and do not know how to talk at all, fret not, as we will do the best that we can to help you get the attention of the girl you are eyeing through having great conversations with her.
Here are
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Make sure that whatever compliment you say to her is genuine and comes from the heart because girls will appreciate it even more. Sincerity is one of the many reasons to keep a girl going and it is essential to show them how sincere you are through genuine compliments. Also, adding a question to your compliment will open up a conversation smoothly since the girl will have to answer whatever question you pop to her.
Example: You look good on that shirt. What brand is that?
2. Make sure to ask open ended questions.
Open ended questions are better compared to close ended ones because it can generate long answers and great conversations. Asking an open ended question to the girl will help you know her better and can generate more questions which will lead to a good conversation.
Example: What is your favorite childhood memory?
3. Begin with a general conversation but ensure that you are also sharing something about yourself so that it will be a two-way
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Look for a common ground that you and the girl can enjoy.
Common ground is one of the things that you can talk about without getting bored because you finally found the same interests. It is important for you to ask questions to know what are your common interests because girls are more attracted to boys who can understand them better with their likes and dislikes. If you can get her to speak out about a common interests, then you should get a cue from there and expand whatever conversation you already have into something more exciting.
Example: What kind of music do you usually listen to?
5. Try to relate genuinely to the girl that you are talking to.
If you cannot find a common ground of interests while talking to her, the next best thing to do is to try your best to relate genuinely. Ask more questions about the topic that she is talking about so that you will be able to get a grasp or overview of the things that interest her the most. Show that you are engaged and focused to know more about her and her likes. Mind you, if the girl can see how genuine and interested you are into knowing the things that she likes, it will be a plus score for you.
Example: I am not into Justin Beiber, but I heard some of his music and its

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