Importance Of System Development Life Cycle

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System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) guides a project or process in information system. SDLC consists of activities. Those activities are break into identifiable and descriptive steps, and their impact on the different parts of the operation are examine. Activities can run from 5 to 7 steps depending on the company , but most include planning, analysis, design, implementation and deployment, and maintenance/support. Analysis activities determine who is involved, activities to execute, time, cost and resources use.
Involvement in the course of these activities range from top manager, analyst, the project development team, designer team, computer programmers to accountants and users. All these roles are involve in one or more stages and contribute directly or indirectly in the project. While explaining the different steps (activities) involve in SDLC, I’ll address who is involve and their function within the activity.

The first activity in any SDLC should be
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As for an accountant GAAP are the standard to follow, each company has a set of agreements, procedure and regulation (guidelines) that need to be follow when performing. Consequently anyone involve in a new project must make sure to understand and follow those guidelines to avoid future issues.

One way to avoid issues is by documenting all through the process of the project. Also documenting can help to resolve problems that may arise at the different stages of the SDLC. To finalize users and management sign- off during the process is important to make sure the main vision is getting fulfill, any ambiguity is clarify and any changes needed due to new requirement (minor) can be made and approve. Additionally managements needs to make sure budget and time frame are not affected significantly and that guidelines are follow for the project

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