Importance Of Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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Cohen and Winn, 2007 Dean and McMullen, 2007). Moreover, sustainable entrepreneurship can, particularly in developing countries, enhance education, productivity, socioeconomic status, physical health and self-reliance of individuals and societies. From my point of view, sustainable entrepreneurship is a field that should be developed and expanded much more not only in academic research but also in real action. Although we are in a situation where in order to change how things work, we probably another industrial revolution as mentioned before, if individuals get motivated about it, either for the profitability that being sustained can bring or for the satisfaction of being sustainable which would be automatically followed by economic gains. There should be more effort of researchers pursuing this topic to raise awareness, but also the effort form existent firms “greening Goliaths” to put into action that corporate greening contributes to economic gains and concurrently improves environmental performance. Even though, this is only a small piece of what it needs to be improved to move towards totally sustainable markets. So I believe there is a need of emergence from sustainable entrepreneurs, and that this could bring a more …show more content…
As the number of presentations on this field grows, the excitement also grows but the field becomes uneasy. There are barriers that prevent the emergence of sustainable entrepreneurs, the main one is that while social entrepreneurs and ecopreneurs can be found through out the world, the sustainable entrepreneur is still a theoretical abstract. (Tilley and Young, 2009). Shepherd and Patzelt (2011) argued that after conducting the meta-theoretical trying to get a broad idea of all the existent theories, there were some limitations. Research which only involves one of the concepts, either sustainability or entrepreneurship, cannot really be considered in this field, same as if the research only contemplates economic gains as a result of being sustainable.


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