Importance Of Sustainability In Research

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Register to read the introduction… These types of ‘non- standardised’ interviews are, “often referred to as ‘qualitative research interviews’”(King 2004). Such a tactic allows exploratory research of the research area. Such a method is flexible, since lack of structure facilitates free flowing of ideas. The interviewee can talk freely about the area of interest and guide the direction of the interview. Such an informal interview should be used depending on the purpose of research, which in this case is exploratory. Additionally, since the interviewee has the platform to openly discuss certain events, behaviour and beliefs in relation to the topic area, it is referred to a ‘non-directive’ interaction. Using an in-depth interview will be analysed to potentially further explain the research …show more content…
A questionnaire is, “a general term to include all techniques of data collection in which each person is asked to respond to the same set of questions in a predetermined order” (deVaus, 2002). By using such a method, it will evaluate the opinion of respondents in issues of sustainability, in particular to the PEI. Using this technique is advantageous as it is consistent and gathers a broad range of information, if conducted properly with a large and diverse sample. It ensures anonymity of respondents as well. Moreover, if the questionnaire is developed meticulously, it requires less skill and time then conducting interviews. However, some drawbacks include the types of responses of respondents. For example, some may not respond or respond incorrectly. Furthermore, a response/non-response bias may be prevalent as to answer systematically in a way for others who did not respond. This ultimately creates deviations in the analysis of data, which is not representative of the research. The understanding of questions varies from person, so the interpretations of questions may affect the questionnaires. The questionnaire will be electronically distributed to a large and diverse sample so as to avoid a sample design error. In order to help analyse and compile information, the questionnaires will be assessed using SurveyMonkey, which will assist the researcher answer the proposed research

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