Importance Of Success: The Key To Success

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I remember many times throughout the years, my mother telling me, “Success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful in it”. During prior years at Mercyhurst University, I had a well-established idea of what I wanted my future to include. During freshman year, I saw myself in the art therapy field, working as a therapist with children who had mental disabilities and disorders. However, during sophomore year I got involved in the research aspect of psychology by working as a research assistant for Dr. Deborah John, who at the time was an Art Therapy professor. Through this experience I was able to immerse myself and learn about the process of researching subjects that previously I had only been able to read their implications in textbooks.
It was my
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In order to prepare myself for my chosen career, I need to work towards enhancing a specific set of skill that will help me later on to be a behavioral analyst to the best of my abilities. I need to increase my analytical, communication, and observational skills since all of them are required in order to be a proficient psychologist and to know how to treat patients correctly. And one of the most accessible resources to achieve this is through interaction with the Honors Program since the people who can help me enhance this set of skills are everyone around me, but especially those who have a big influence on me as a person, like family and friends, and also those who have influence on me academically, like professors, advisors and people with whom I work with. I still have a long way to go before I become the successful person I want to be eventually, but I know that if I stay in the path that makes me happy with the correct influence and mindset, I will be able to enjoy everything I do without any regrets to what I could have

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