Personal Narrative: Succeeding In College

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Haylie Sitton
Succeeding In College
College I have always been excited about starting college. High school was never easy for me and I was in desperate need of a new start. My sophomore year of high school I spent endless amounts of time in the ER and in the hospital and was eventually diagnosed with an auto immune deficiency. I didn’t attend a full month of school that year. I was constantly being told I was too sick to be at school or was in the hospital and couldn’t attend even if I wanted to. I didn’t finish my junior year till July before my senior year. I was constantly behind and was always playing catch up. When I worked hard I was always able to pull off A’s and B’s. My first semester of college I gained many new friends and had the
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It is now the end of the semester and I am not doing well once again. I have nobody to blame but myself. I need a change and I don’t know how to get there. One of the many requirements to returning to Fort Hays is attending certain classes, Succeeding in college was on that list. This class has been so incredibly helpful to me even though it doesn’t show. Through all of our speakers Kenton’s stress talk greatly helped me. I do not handle stress or stressful situations very well and I feel he has helped me deal with stress better than what I was. My teachers being hard on me and stern about things was really what was needed. I feel I have learned more about myself through the many surveys and assessments we took online. I know someday I will find a way to succeed and make my family happy I know someday if I have children I will be able to tell them anything is possible if they just put their mind to it someday I will be happy and content with life. I would have loved nothing more than to say I am a whole new person and I am doing amazing in college but the sad truth is I have not made it to that point yet. Personally the best thing I think I can do is keep trying and

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