Importance Of Study Design

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The study design is a combination of prior studies styles similar to Brecht, (2008) and Chiu and Lee (2009), this along of other methods to reinforce our data. The study shall be a quasi-experiment to be done with a mix-method approach using a combination of surveys, in-depth interviews with the professor, semi-formal interviews with the students, observatory participation in each class, content analysis and archival records.


Each semester GMU offers two courses in Contemporary Social Theory (SOCI 411) and this is required for all BA in Sociology. Due to the high demand of the course, these courses are usually full with 25 students each. The courses are usually being taught by Dr. Nancy Hanrahan. Taking the advantage of
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Second, in order to measure quantitatively, the two groups shall be measured by an anonymous paper-survey to be completed in the day students are required to fill out the course evaluations. The survey shall have specific questions related to their experiences with the course. Each survey shall be tailored in accordance with the different group. (See Appendix B).
To measure for retention, a similar survey shall be performed online at the beginning of the next semester (Spring semester) and then a second one two months after the semester is over.

Hypothesis 2: “Students shall participate more often and in both larger numbers (more numbers of students per class) and in more quantities (more questions per class) leading to a quality discussion than the in the traditional setting, due to an increase in confidence in the topic being
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As discussed in this proposal, the videos’ usage in higher education is already common with the usage of online, hybrid or even traditional classes. Thus the feature itself is not new in higher education. Nevertheless, the lack of studies of videos in the social studies and the complete lack of specific tailored video lectures are virtually nonexistent. One of the challenges and limitations shall be in the period of preparation of the scripture approval and the actual shooting of videos. It would be wonderful to have twelve videos, but I am shooting for at least six. I do not see this study as impossible but a possible limitation can be in terms of timing and scheduling to do the project by testing the survey instruments, scheduling quality time for planning with Dr. Hanrahan, getting the approval of the IRB, the coordination with the artists who shall do the drawings and the decision making for the content of the videos themselves. All the oral narrative of the concepts has to be approved by at least three experts in the Department as well as the content of the videos, for these are meant to be scholarly teaching

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