Class Room Observation

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As the individual tables or desks are not provided for grade 1, the students were sitting on the chairs. At first, at the time of explanation, the students were arranged in the middle of the class as rows and represents their group. The following figure shows the class room arrangement.

This arrangement helped students to read the board easily and the teacher can observe what they are doing which lead to reduce misbehaviours. Wannarka & Ruhl (2008) also stated that the arrangements in rows rather than groups can help students to be on task. However, when the group question was asked, the students faced difficulty to interact each other as they were in rows. According to Zerin (2009) (cited as Scrivener (1994)) there will be more
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Faryadi (2007) (cited as Andrea (1991)), stated that group tasks encourage to share their knowledge, help each other and participate in problem solving which can improve their achievement.
Student/Teacher Interaction
I have observed that the teacher has a good communication with students not only at the beginning but also at the time of assessment. The teacher rewarded orally and by giving stars for the positive behaviors. The teacher can improve this part very easily by using non-verbal communication. Knoell 2012 (cited as McCombs & Whisler (1997)) specified that Non-verbal feedback such as eye contact and nodding will be very simple but there is great effect on positive behavior, motivation and students’ performance. The teacher helped weaker students by showing different examples to help them achieve the lesson objectives.
Student/Work Interaction
The teacher explained the lesson by using nouns from the class room environment and the work sheet used also included a picture of the class room. So Those examples helped students to do the work easily. It was an assessment and almost all the students engaged in the work and tried to finish

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