Importance Of Stress Management: Social Conversation Group

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Stress Management (Social Conversation Group)

Parents have a difficult time handling stress for several different reasons; one of these reasons is they have to not only be the child’s parent but they also have to be a caregiver, case manager, and advocate for their child. They face tough issues like dealing with medication, bullying, struggling to manage difficult behavior, finding the right school, and finding experienced sitters for their children. This often leads the parent(s) to leaving a paying job to focus on the care of their child more closely.

After attending this social conversation group my hope for the parents is to give them ideas on how to better handle stress and how to make it through a stressful situation easier. By attending
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Each parent will have an opportunity to share as much or as little information about themselves, their lives, or their children as they would like to. This group is an informal group which allows each parent to talk about any subject they would like to talk about as long as it is a stress or stress management related topic. Every parent in the group will have a chance to share, if they would like to, a problem or situation that may be causing them stress in their daily lives. After everyone that wants to share has had a turn to share, I will then ask the parents some questions such as “What do you believe is your major stressor that is present in your life right now?” And “Do you have any ideas on how you could remove/lessen the stressors that you have?”

I will then hand out a paper to all of the parents to look at throughout the group and to also take home with them. This list that I will be handing out is twenty things that every parent of children with special needs should hear. This list could be helpful to the parents attending the group session by giving them some topics to talk about. It also could be helpful during this group if a non-parent of children with special needs is present with one of the members, as support. The list is as
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You know the one who clearly spent 10 hours creating the amazing snack shaped like an animal with licorice whiskers. If that’s the mom you are led to be, more power to you!

19) Make time for your marriage. Marriage is hard work, period. Parenting is hard work, period. Parenting a child with special needs is especially hard work, period! For those of you who are married or in a relationship, make time for that relationship away from your children.
20) Trust your instincts.
You know your children best. Do not be afraid to fight for your child and their needs. While the professionals are experts in their areas, you are the expert on your child.

Each item mentioned on this list above has potential to cause stress or a stressful situation if the parent(s) do not go by it. By acknowledging these items these parents may be able to take a potentially stressful situation or events and reduce the level of stress that will be produced. Everything that is listed above can help the parents in this group greatly. After the parents have received a copy of this list we will then all discuss each mentioned item and talk about how to incorporate each one into their daily

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