Role Of A Stage Manager Essay

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A stage manager is a person who's responsible for the organization of actors and other technical arrangements needed for the smooth recording of a theatrical production. Stage management is a demanding job that requires a strict adherence to theatrical needs based on the directions given by the director. Any activity in stage management requires the expertise and skills of a stage manager if the events taking place are to be executed correctly and professionally. Success in stage management based on this relies heavily on how skilled the stage managers are in executing their duties, for this reason, stage performances require a qualified stage manager to ensure that issues such as lighting, sound, and other minor issues relating to production do not happen on stage or during a show.
In a theatre production, the stage manager is a crucial member of the team. A stage manager acts as the assistant to the director, making sure that all the actors are present for the rehearsals as well as coordinating with other members of the technical team to ensure that the theatre is fully utilized for the production. What makes them a crucial part of the production is the fact that they make it easy for the director to comfortably run the production without having to worry about issues such as poor lighting and/or actors not showing
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Being an assistant to the director, the stage manager serves as an essential function of taking charge of the production, especially when the director is away. The duties of a stage manager vary based on the type of production taking place. But, one of the significant roles of a stage manager is stage preparation. According to an article titled "stage manager duties", one of the roles of a stage manager is to "ensure that the floor of the rehearsal room is well set and the design fits the description provided by the director" ("Stage Manager

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