Importance Of Sociology And Sociological Perspectives In My Family

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I talk about Sociology and sociological perspectives with my family and those who are willing to listen. I mainly talk about Sociology with my brother since we both have a self-improvement mindset. Since my brother lives in my hometown Queens, NY a lot of our sociological topics are things that are realities in that environment. Ranging from police brutality, red-lining, mass incarceration, black on black crime and etc. Since my father is more concerned with politics I typically talk with my dad about politics in relation to sociology. With relevant issue’s on policies that disenfranchise people of low socioeconomic-status, the corruption behind presidential campaigns and financial donors and etc. Outside of my family I typically only talk …show more content…
Before even becoming a Sociology major autonomy has always been important to me. Perhaps because of the sociological conditions of unemployment for African-American males that I have observed while growing up. I have never wanted to rely on employment where my gender and race can be held against me. The very thought of swallowing my pride to work for condescending people is oppressive and humiliating to me. The current system is very demasculating for black males. We fit in nowhere and live on the bottom of the social ladder for most professions and are expected to act as lapdogs. I’ve seen to many times white bosses condescendingly demeaning black employees considering quitting “well good luck at mcdonalds”. Like really they think nothing of us and yet we slave away for them and the worst part is most of the time it 's true. Thankfully, in one situation the employee he told that to was a good friend of mine named Dairl who was actually leaving to go be the district manager of Starbucks making much more money than my condescending boss. However, for most poor black males minimum wage jobs are the only prospects unless we take things into our hand and even then its a struggle. However, it doesn 't matter to me because I have vowed to fight the good fight with an iron clad steel will. The system of white supremacy has taught African-Americans learned helplessness. It 's my job as a social change agent to reject this nonsensical belief and to teach those in my circumference that we are powerful, that we were kings that we are kings. I teach my little sister the same thing, she says she doesn 't want to go to college and I say fine but you 're going to become self-sufficient you 're not going to work below your means. The system would have us believe the only way for a black male to make it out is through sports or drugs, I reject that. We have the potential for

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