The Importance Of Social Play In Child Development

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Social play and Literacy are both key roles in the development of a child. This essay intends to analyse how important social play is and the impact that literacy can have on a child’s development. Through social play, children learn how to share, cooperate, take turns, and express emotions. This can be seen throughout the play displayed in the scenario. This essay will analyse the benefits of this on the children’s development and how this affects their relationship with others. The thoughtful addition of materials also promotes social interaction and cooperation, which helps to encourage participation from children and is an influential role in their levels of social interaction. The literacy within the scenario is also shown through the …show more content…
This is mentioned in the beginning of the scenario, “there is a degree of collaboration between the children and they are constantly talking to each other, comparing their work and also providing advice, suggestions and encouragement to each other.” Through this, children Sue-Lin, Calum, Tom, Gabe and Lucy are cooperating with each other in order to achieve a better end result for their play towers they are building. During play, children also increase their social competence and emotional maturity. This teamwork is more effective than solitary play, as it provides a task that can be done efficiently through means of communication, and sharing of materials. Social development in the preschool years permits young children to include others in their pretend and dramatic play. Through a range of interactions with children at different social stages, children also learn to use moral reasoning to develop a mature sense of values. This means that it is important to consider social play when thinking about a child’s learning and development. To be prepared to function effectively in the adult world, children need to participate in lots of social …show more content…
While he cannot yet spell the words out, he knows how to write most letters and with assistance from the teacher is able to accurately transfer the note text onto the sign. As he writes the others gather around to watch.” This demonstrates the children’s development of their literacy skills, and supports the belief that social play and literacy can be linked to the development of the children’s communication skills. Through writing the sign to warn the other children to not break the construction that Calum, Tom, Lucy, Gabe and Sue-Lin had made, the children have demonstrated their newly acquired

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