Ethical Issues In Social Work

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a. Understanding of problems and concerns relative to social work: Some of the roles of the social work profession are to provide resources to effectively help clients and groups of individuals engage with their environment and cope with negative stimuli. Social workers specialize according to the environment their clients inhabit to advocate for the client and provide professional resources. As vulnerable populations exist and resources limited, social issues need to be addressed by the social work profession. It is the duty of the social worker to be ethical and resourceful for clients and enhance their worth and dignity.
Common problems that social workers address with clients include unemployment, lack of resources, dysfunctional relationships
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During my childhood and adolescent years, I witnessed drug abuse and addiction in the lives of my brother and father. There were constant battles they both encountered with substance abuse and they lacked the knowledge and resources to prevent or reduce their harmful behaviors. Although there was a lack of clinical support for my father and brother, I was involved in my own self-care with counseling and developed a greater understanding of myself. Witnessing substance abuse in my own family, eventually led to my involvement with Grand Valley State University’s Bachelor of Social Work Student Organization (BSWSO) and my social work internship. I wanted to be able to provide support to individuals and families whom lacked the resources to have a stable foundation. Social work in my life was able to provide resourceful solutions and fostered my own growth and development. With the BSWSO, I have opportunities to educate students about the social work program and give back to the Grand Rapids community through volunteering. At Our Hope, I intern with women suffering from substance abuse, which focuses on healing women, upholding her self-worth and building on strengths for a lifelong …show more content…
of 3.791 shows my ability to be successful in Western Michigan University MSW program. Despite double majoring, work with multiple student organizations, independent research, a part-time job, and personal conflicts, I am proud of my G.P.A for demonstrating effective management and engagement in multiple areas of my life without falling behind. As an undergraduate at GVSU, I was even given the opportunity of a funded undergraduate research project called Summer Student Scholars. During this independent research, I implemented my own research plan to compare hot yoga and restorative yoga effects on perceived stress. My experiences with student organization, coursework, internship, and independent research I feel prepared for the MSW program at Western Michigan University. If accepted to Western Michigan University’s MSW program, I will show this same level of dedication and

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