Six Sigma

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Six sigma has many definitions. It can be considered as a methodology which produces perfect process of production according to (Roan). In a different definition six sigma can be defined as a change in organizational culture ( Pande et al, 2000).
Six sigma processes comes from a view which thought that when one has six standard deviations between the specification limit and process mean, no items will fail to meet specifications. One of six sigma purposes is to reduce process variation which leads to meet or exceed customer expectations. Many successful companies used six sigma in their work to improve company quality or to increase their operational efficiency. They also need six sigma to provide big benefits to the customer.
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A well-implemented process management system: there are some things which are essential for process management. Some of them are, identifies, quality assurance system, statistical techniques, improves and work unit performance measures.
7. A well-developed supplier management system: processes need to be built to monitor levels of quality performance of suppliers as selecting suppliers is depending on quality aspects and it has a positive impact on six sigma QMS success.
8. Equipping all with quality tools: this factor is also has a positive impact on six sigma QMS success. Quality tools should be used in each non-production and production
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A well-developed human resource management system: this is important to the development of human resources. Many methods are used to facilitate the communication between the employees and their organization. Employees should have their performance feedback from their supervisors.
10. A well-developed competitive benchmarking system: this factor is responsible for collecting market and competitors information. Collecting benchmarking information need to be well evaluated to make sure of its effectiveness.
- Six sigma and pharmaceutical industry:
Some pharmaceutical companies choose six sigma because they know that six sigma has the ability to reduce cycle cost and time. By using six sigma many pharmaceutical corporations will be able to make an operative change within the manufacturing process. Six sigma also has the ability to destroy errors to increase an operating efficiency.
There are some strategies which suggested to explain efforts of six sigma in the pharmaceutical industry.
These strategies are:
- Provide tested research for the quantitative evaluation of process improvement strategies or of clinical development.
- Change the traditional ways of clinical experiments by using six sigma with obligation from top to down leadership (Biosci,

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