Zoo Situation Analysis Essay

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Our zoo is a passionate biodiversity conservation institution dedicated and committed to protecting global wildlife while educating people of all ages the importance of respecting animals, plants and the environment.
To be the leading biodiversity conservation-based zoo of Cyprus to ensure a sustainable future!

After a business’ vision and mission are identified a situational analysis must be conducted. This step is crucial to understand the internal and external factors that may affect the business venture pursued and the objectives of the organization. In the case of a zoo for profit, the zoo and recreational industry must be looked at with a bird’s eye view. In order to create a thorough situational analysis the P.E.S.T.L.E and S.W.O.T.
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In a fast-paced world, technology is very much apart of consumers lives. These technological advances over the past few years has led to many zoos and aquariums globally to introduce interactive ways to reach their customers. This can be done through a website, social media, apps, and educational games. Incorporating technology to the zoo would help engage the visitors or potential visitors with an interest in animals and nature. The zoo can inform their visitors of events, new attractions, and any offers. According to a Time’s article technology can also be seen as a competitor of zoos, with advancements of virtual reality people can see or experience an animal's presence without leaving their home. Yet many zoo owners argue that it would not compare to seeing the animals in real-life and the experience of a “day-out” at a zoo. (Worland,2017) Yet another way that technology affects the zoo industry is with its research and updating facilities. Zoo Technology has even become a higher education program, like at Santa Fe College, where one can learn how technology is used in running and keeping a zoo. Technological advances can help zoos achieve their conservation objectives by making research and data easier to collect in regards to animals’

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