Importance Of Sign Language Speech

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Salvador J. Santiago-Martinez
Mrs. Mcquiggan

The importance of learning a new language is almost as essential in becoming closer in the ever changing world as communication itself filled with many people and tourist who may not be able to communicate with you. Language ¿Hola como estan? By now most of us have maybe heard that phrase and learned what it meant. Although I'm sure many rather learn the swearing instead. Being bilingual not only is helpful and beneficial like letting off steam in front of teachers that don’t understand what you’re saying. Today I’m going to shine a little bit of light on how nice it is to speak two languages or more, and how it could potentially jump start your careers.
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Our Sign language is the American sign language or ASL. Asl is its own language involving the movements if the hands and other gestures combined with facial expressions (national institute of deafness and other communication disorders). ASL was a sort of rip off on the French sign language. Soon ASL transcended and became its own language differencing from britain's own Sign language.Parents of deaf children should immediately start teaching their child sign language, children of deaf parents should naturally pick ASL. Nine out ten children are born to hearing parents (nidcd). Theres many languages you could learn its up to you which one you will choose. They all give you an advantage over all you monolingual friends. There are Forty-one million people in the USA who do not speak english as their first language(American Public Health …show more content…
I have a nice little list of benefits you could be taking advantage that a couple of us here are already taking advantage even if we know it or not. Let's start with something a little more obvious. Psychological studies found that knowing more languages is a great asset. The benefits are usually only noticeable on those who speak other languages more frequently. Naturally younger kids can learn languages faster than older folk like us that's one reason why some of you probably dropped spanish. Good news is we can still reach same level of fluency just with a thicker accent. Speaking a foreign language also improves your brain power and problem solving skills in which allows you to score better on standardized tests. For those who love being on your phone during class you can also upgrade your multi tasking skill so think about it. For you health nerds… haha just playing. Bilingualism can help you delay alzheimer's and dementia, monolinguals average out at 71.4 bilinguals at 75.5(telegraph.Co.UK) . Probably should've said this first but it being bilingual vastly improves memory which makes sense since it holds back alzheimers. Another great benefit which is something us teens need, better decision making. For those who travel or want to travel outside the U.S knowing the language of where you're wanting to go could significantly improve your stay. Not everyone may like to admit to

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