Reflective Essay-Shape Strategic Thinking

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Shape Strategic Thinking:

In my technical officer role, I have demonstrated my capability in supporting the strategic direction of my Australian Defence Force. I had to show judgement, intelligence and common-sense to move forward delivering positive outcomes at my work. I had always remained flexible to the changing demand/requirements while maintaining sight of the end goal. At the same time, responsive by adopting and implementing the changes into my projects plans.

My personal role was to improve the accuracy and reliability of the ship weight programme. The output aided in providing engineering advice on the Capability study/feasibility. First, I identified on the existing capability gaps within the design and gathered the user requirement
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Then I had to effectively manage this pool of data in DRMS and TRMS adhering to documentation procedure and by customising it to the requirements in the ship weight programme. I had to analyse the source data and recognises the links between the interconnected issues. Clarification was made by discussion, questions etc., to minimise misunderstanding and assumptions. Stakeholder engagement was very critical here to share, consult and update task progress to ensure a smooth transition. To monitor the project progress, I had to brief my stakeholders on each critical development phase to gauge their satisfaction or agree adjustments to projects against …show more content…
An agreed plan was developed by the members in the team identifying their individual responsibility, work standard & procedure, periodic review, final output format and verification method. Along the line of work, I have always recognised different views and experience brought by the diversified work force on the task and capitalise the input. I have provided full support to the team when required in achieving mutual beneficial outcomes. To improve the solution and educates the team constructive and objective feedback (positive and negative) was provided in a manner that gains acceptance in the team to help solve problems and encourage learning activity. Another initiative that I took was when required I have encouraged staffs to engage in development opportunities, identifying knowledge gaps and works with them to determine appropriate development activities. Team’s achievements were recognised for his/her

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