Importance Of Service Enhancement

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Register to read the introduction… Another important thing to note when doing a placement is that although this is a great time to network according to Boylan and Scott (2008) a strong importance must be placed on the quality of the service not being affected negatively (Baird, 2008) and as I have a high work ethic so I believe that I would not allow this to happen. When Baird (2008) talks about a code of ethics he mentions the importance of service enhancement, do no harm, continued professional development, an understanding of the importance of confidentiality and a high value placed on honesty and integrity and although I may lack in professional experience this placement I will make sure I aim to follow all these important guidelines to allow my professional side to …show more content…
Although I have been around children losing parents whilst in defence, drug and alcohol abuse affecting family stability this was always as a co-worker or as a request from my seniors. Apart from my readings and study I am looking forward to using this time to increase my ability to deal with these situations in a professional mode from the initial meeting to working through the processes to help the clientele to the best of my ability whilst maintaining practice principles. I have lived my life in a middle class family where I have not gone without the basic necessities to survive and was raised in a safe household so although I have not shared similar experiences it does not limit my level of passion for wanting to work with youth or children who are living …show more content…
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